Before applying, all candidates must review the eligibility requirements and need to complete an attestation to confirm that they meet at least one of the three possible eligibility rules. 

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*Regulatory-related experience may include quality assurance, quality control, clinical research or health product project management. 

RAC Exam Eligibility Attestation

First Name: Last Name:

By completing this form, I attest that I am eligible to take the RAC under the following criteria:


What exam are you applying for?


When would you like to take it?


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By paying the RAC exam registration fee, I agree to the following:

I have read, understood and agree to comply with all policies outlined in the RAC Candidate Guide.

The information in my RAPS account is complete and accurate.

I meet all eligibility requirements for the RAC exam, and I authorize RAPS to make any inquiries deemed necessary to verify my credentials. I understand that false information may be cause for denial of this application or loss of the RAC credential.

I allow RAPS to use information from my application and from the examination for the purpose of aggregate statistical analysis, provided that any personal information or identifiers are removed.

I understand and agree to the policies related to withdrawing from the examination, presented in the Candidate Guide.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the tenets outlined in the RAPS Code of Ethics.